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Have you heard of the AffiloBlueprint internet marketing course by Mark Ling and the team over at Are you sick and tired of those outlandish claims by a whole bunch of multi-millionaires that ‘you will become wealthy immediately if you just follow their simple course? How many of these have you seen in your mail-box this week? How many have you bought? Do you think that AffiloBlueprint will be just another one of those programs? Me too. All the programs that I downloaded seemed to be missing one or two really important factors and although I followed then to the letter, none ended up making me the millions that they promised to. Some even ended up costing me money – go figure! There were major details missing from each course, most were really great at helping you to choose targeted keywords, but when it came to the practical stuff like building a website, the plan just fell to pieces.. Each plan said more or less the same thing – select a niche, a product, some keywords and write like mad and each program was missing that one element that would tie it all together for me. When I stumbled on Affiloblueprint. I refused to buy it for ages, simply because I thought that I was going to be wasting my money again. After all, I’d already learned the contents of the first few weeks and the last few weeks were well above my skill level, so why should I pay for the few weeks in the middle? Surely there must be an easier way? Boy was I wrong. The AffiloBlueprint course is a completely different way of learning the business. But first – who is Mark Ling and why should you listen to him? Mark Ling is a bone fide multi-millionaire, super affiliate and all round respectable guy. Seriously, I dare you to find one bad thing said about him online. He has been online marketing since 1999 and there is not a lot about affiliate marketing that Mark does not know or has not done. In 2006 he created which has become quite a free hub for marketers of all levels.

AffiloBlueprint Review Mark Ling and AffiloBlueprint 2.0

AffiloBlueprint really is the exact same system that Mark uses to make over $50k a month and covers everything from choosing the product, keyword research and content creation to building your site and promoting it. In fact this formula is so successful that Mark was able to do all this in front of a live audience. The same site that he built at this seminar eventually ended up making him $500 a week in pure profit and this is recreated for you in a series of video tutorials. You literally look over the shoulder of Mark and one of his assistants as they build the site from scratch. What sort of tutorials do we get with AffiloBlueprint? In a nutshell, AffiloBlueprint is a 12 week video course consisting of 55 video lessons; Market, Product and Keyword Research, Creating Your Site – from the domain name to monetization and everything in between; Search engine marketing – everything to do with SEO, both on and off page, content, link building and traffic generation – it is all covered. Opt In Box Generation, Newsletters and List Building – Let’s be honest, most of us are too knackered after finally getting our site set up to worry about learning how newsletters and opt-in boxes work right? These tutorials make it easy; PPC – There are three weeks worth of lessons dedicated to PPC. Landing pages, quality score, bidding, ad creation…you name it, it is covered. The thing is, if you really want to make it in this game, then you need to know how to do all these things. I dare you to find ONE course that covers all of this in such detail that does not also come with a massive price tag or exorbitant monthly fee.

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