Automation in paperwork

Paperwork is one of most hated part of business. Not only because it is boring, but also because it takes too much time and is stressful – one mistake may results in big loss or even in lawsuit and jail. In this light is nothing strange, that not everyone may do this job. Is not worth to save on bookkeepers and other employees, who have contact with company money. Also stupid is to save some money on programs to invoice management or other stuff. Money are critical not only for company but also for their clients. If they will have problems with transactions, or they will get too high invoice, then they will be very peeved and may inform about this everyone, who knows.
So paperwork, not only invoices but also all agreements, documents, analysis etc. must be prepare with caution and rules of safety. But not only accuracy makes people happy or unhappy from cooperation. Time is also important.
When clients, employees, management or business partners must wait for important papers, image of professional coworker, seller etc. may be ruined. Today world expect quickly reaction and transfer of information. The same with documents and deals. Nobody wants to travel half the country (even if this is not the USA) only to add signature to agreement. So company should to choose solutions like electronic signatures. Even if this is not must created by law, this is must created by business environment.
Large companies who makes mass deals don’t want to waste precious time to make deal with small companies. The knows that how many costs employe sellers, so they try to do everything automatic. Automation is not everywhere possible, but all paperwork is good place for this trend.

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