Do’s and don’ts for the novice Internet Marketing

I myself, being an internet marketing “newbie” (endearing term to refer to people just starting their own internet business and do not know what the —- they are doing) have learned some things and as to share my observations, tribulations and triumphs with my fellow “newbies”. By sharing my experience I hope you can help prevent some of the difficulties and obstacles they face. We will try to avoid some of these “information overload” headaches as well. I do not want to walk through the same mud puddle if I can identify and help prevent it.

First, in the article is part 1, I’ll list some important “Do’s”. Part 2 will cover the do.

Do not take your time, one step at a time. They understand that building your business is not something that can be done in days or even months in most cases. It will take time, long time.

Do not practice patience! I know that is not one of my strengths are and is very difficult to implement, but to save your sanity, try to be patient!

Do not understand at first was smothered with so much information and resources of your head will hurt (which is where the headache comes from information overload) and do not know what direction to take first. You only need to spin your wheels if you try to go in 20 different directions at the same time. Remember to concentrate on one thing at a time!

Do not use your best judgment when their candidates from all of the information. Throw away the obvious propaganda and keep what you feel is clever and useful.

Do not make it a goal to complete a task each day. Later, when you can manage to add one or two tasks. Proceed slowly.

Do not look for free resources, there are many things on the Internet to help create and promote your business. There are a lot of hype and disinformation and misinformation just so definitely use the number 4.

Do not join some good internet marketing forums. You will find lots of hints and tips on how to promote your business. Many people are also “newbies” and can share ideas from each. Many post what has worked or not worked for them. Learn from Internet marketing experts, who were in their shoes at the same time benefit from their experiences.

Do not present and organize the information it receives to its subsequent recovery. Organize your email by creating folders to keep information categorized and easy to find. Keep a record in Microsoft Excel to all, your username affiliate URL, and memberships.

• Do learn some HTML. This will make it easier for you to change, delete and make additions to your website. If you do not know how to add a link to your website then how will you exchange links with other websites to increase your search engine rankings. Go to and take their basic HTML tutorial. Read my article titled “Why you should learn HTML” on my page and news articles on

Do not they realize that you will have a lot of work and time to build your business. Above all, an Internet business. Not a business on autopilot. You will probably spend more hours working in this business than would a regular 9 to 5.

Chances • It you are new to internet marketing, so study and learn as much as you can before you just jump into Know what to expect and be prepared.

Do not they realize that having an Internet business is like having a business in the “real” world. You need a plan, you need to advertise, and must have a budget.

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