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This isn’t a long article so let’s cut to the chase. When you’re ebook marketing online you have two choices – you can be “nice” or you can sell!

And let’s face it, the purpose of marketing is to sell. Plain and simple.

So while there’s nothing wrong with being “nice”, it does nothing for your bank balance.

Now before you think I’m advocating being nasty or unpleasant in some way, let me say I most certainly am not. Although there was one ebook that did very well a while back where the author flat out insulted people, I don’t think it’s a good idea in 99.9% of cases.

But being nice won’t cut either. There are thousands of people ebook marketing online, some of them will be your competitors. If your voice isn’t strong, if your message isn’t persuasive, you’ll lose out. Your potential customer will become theirs.

So have a look at your sales copy on your website. Are you saying “please buy my ebook”? Are you politely suggesting that your ebook is quite good?

Or are you saying “look, this ebook will change your life!”, “this ebook will make you richer, stronger, better…”, “buy this and the trouble you had with XYZ will be a thing of the past”.

OK, perhaps a little extreme but do you get my point? You don’t have to be like some snake oil salesman, full of obviously false or over-inflated claims but if your ebook marketing online is going to succeed you need to convince people that you offer something that your competitors don’t.

You also need to do it quickly. You have very little chance to capture your visitor’s attention. I know a lot of ebook sales pages are quite long and you often have to scroll down and read quite a lot of detail, but in fact the most important work is done at the top of the screen, what we call “above the fold”.

Study other people’s sites. Go to ClickBank and pick any category and look at a few examples. The people who really have the knack of good ebook marketing online grab your attention in the first couple of paragraphs. They make you want to read on to discover the “secret” or “solution” or whatever.

They’re usually not subtle, they’re usually not “nice”. It’s BANG! Here’s what you’re having trouble with. CRASH! Here’s the solution.

Subtle, no. Effective? Oh yes.

Maybe you’re thinking at this moment that you know better. Your softly softly approach is different. Maybe you’re right.

But you might want to consider why so many people take a tougher approach. Some of these companies spend thousands on customer research and have multi million dollar ebook businesses, do you think perhaps they know a thing or two?

Ebook marketing online really isn’t that complicated. Just have a look at what the successful publishers are doing and do the same.

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