If ‘Content is King’ then Compelling Content Will Dethrone the King

There is a saying that on the Internet ‘Content is King’, this much is very true. However not all content deserves the worthy title of being considered a ‘King’. Uninteresting content, unlinkworthy content and irrelevant content is merely the lowest servant of the said King. The true King of a website is ‘Compelling Content’. Content that is so good its makes people link to it, so interesting it makes people bookmark it and so relevant that it makes people forward it on.
Compelling content is the difference between being one in a million to being THE one in a million. Compelling Content is also the best way to improve incoming links. If you create content that people find interesting and ‘link worthy’ they WILL create a link to the article, content or site. If you have gripping content that people would happily forward onto a friend or bookmark they WILL forward it onto a friend or bookmark it.
To neglect your site for a flashy aesthetically pleasing website is like building a car which is has the most beautiful exterior but they decided to neglect the interior of the car and decided not to install seats. As beautiful as the exterior of the car no one will buy a car without any seats!
Consider your website to be like designing your perfect car, beautiful to look at but practical to drive and comfortable to use. Your website needs to be beautiful to look at as well as practical use and comfortable to navigate.
What is good content and what makes it ‘compelling’? Compelling content is unique, spontaneous, fun and informative. Compelling content should make the reader desperate to read the next paragraph. If the look and feel of a website is its looks then compelling content is its personality.

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