Personalise Your AdWords Text Ads

Google Adwords has a function called ‘Dynamic Keyword Insertion’ (DKI), this allows advertisers to return the users search query within their adverts. To use this tool you simply replace your advert text with the code snippet {Keyword}.
So for example if I wanted my advert to appear for a range of differing keywords but with targeted advert text I could use this tool to return the users search query rather than having to second guess and have one very general advert, (or an advert for every keyword!)
However, occasionally a users search query may be too long to appear as a text ad, (as you can only have 25 characters in the advert title and a users search query may contain 26 or more characters). You can get around this by including an alternative text if the search query is too long. An example would be {keyword:Pay-per-click management}, this function would return the users query as my ads title unless the query was too long and then it would return the term ‘Pay-per-click management’.
This tool can be used anywhere in the text ad creation, so it can be in the advert title, advert description lines, or the advert display URL
You can also manipulate the users search query a little with the DKI function, so for example, some users may search in lower case however you want your advert to have capitals at the start of each word to look more aesthetically pleasing. To do this you just change the capitals in the word {Keyword}
{keyword:Alternative Text} – The whole result is in lower case
{Keyword:Alternative Text} – The first letter of the search is in upper case, and the rest is in lowercase
{KeyWord:Alternative Text} – The first letter of all the words used are in upper case and the rest in lowercase
{KEYWORD:Alternative Text} – The whole search query is in upper case.

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