Rewards are given to loyal customers by some companies

The best consumers are children because they can easily convince their parents for some purchases – children are loved by customers because of this. They would like to get as many things as possible. Nowadays people have a wider choice than thirty or forty years ago. In the past they had to concentrate on some services and products that were available – in Polish shops not many products could be bought, shelves were totally empty.
Nowadays if somebody has some money can buy everything. The more money people have, the most greedy consumers they are. They can buy more and more things, spending more and more money.
Their needs are satisfied all the time. Reward program gives some reward to people that are loyal consumers buying all possible things. Selling is not easy – competitors are present in the market so all companies have to concentrate on selling all things that they produce. Promotion, marketing, sale – it is a huge support for each company and it is an important topic for all of them.
Some methods and instruments must be monitored carefully – loyalty solutions, loyalty program strategy, gamification software. There are more and more of them and they shall be developed all the time. If they are offered to the people all the time, then loyalty will be growing and not disappear. Strategy is something important and really helpful so we need to develop them properly.

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