The Advantages of Having a Company Newsletter

1) Low cost marketing:
Distributing a regular newsletter is a cost-effective and simple marketing method. Delivering ongoing communication with your customers and prospects, a newsletter will ensure you’re always in mind when it comes to major business decisions. What’s more, the content of your newsletter is in your control, so whether you want to attract attention to a new offer, run a competition or deliver important company information, you can do so!
2) Promote new products or services:
Your newsletter is a highly effective way of notifying people about new products and services, establishing interest and enhancing lead generation.
3) Keep in touch and create loyal relationships:
Regular contact with your clients and customers can be difficult sometimes, especially during busy periods. A newsletter is a quick and effective way of staying in touch, keeping communication lines open and cultivating loyal relationships.
4) Easily track results to perfect your approach:
Depending on your method of distribution, it can be possible to check how many people are clicking links in your e-newsletter and, furthermore, exactly which links they are selecting. This is a great way to monitor what is of interest to your contacts and what isn’t so popular – helping you to profile your database for even more targeted marketing activity.
5) Execution couldn’t be simpler!
Using a simple template means that, following initial design, your e-newsletter is quick and cost-effective to create each time you want to send it out.
If you decide to set up a newsletter or already have one, you need to make sure it is informative and has purpose or you could be wasting a great marketing opportunity! Building up a contact list can take time but it is definitely worth starting to build up contacts even if you are going to wait a while before distributing a newsletter.

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